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Vertebene disc capsules have been sold in Austria and Germany for the past 3 years and are new to the UK. Therefore the testimonials which you find on this page have been submitted by vertebene users from these two countries. Testimonials from the UK will be added as soon as we recieve them. That is why we would like to hear from you and appreciate your feedback!

Male Customer, Heroldsberg, Germany, 54 years:

"After having taken Arthrobene, I am now taking vertebene as recommended. I have had continuous back pain for the last 35 years to due disc bulges and herniated discs. I am actually pain free after only 4 weeks. Hard to believe. I also do frequent exercises and move around a lot as well. I have normal body weight. Have previously done 3-months treatments taking glucosamine and chondroitin​​. But never had a real success. Can fully recommend the vertebene concept (supplement + exercise)."

Male Customer, St. Pölten, Age 63 :

"I have been taking this product for six months and I am very satisfied with the result. The constant pain, which I have had for the past seven years - due to a disc herniation in the lumbar and cervical spine - is reduced by a good 70%. Now life for me has become more beautiful and livable again. I recommend this product to others out of conviction, because many people unfortunately do not know it. It was recommended to me by a befriended pharmacist, who I am very grateful for. Of course you can publish this, as fellow sufferers will get to trust this product.”

Female Customer, Klagenfurt, Age 50:

"Thank you, I am taking Vertebene for 5 months now. At first I was very desperate. My herniated disc took away my sleep. With strong painkillers and sleeping pills, live was bearable. With your back exercises and Vertebene I'm without pain now for about 1 month. Now I am starting slowly with running again."

Male Customer, Langenwang, Age 65:

"Thank you, thank you. It has really helped me. I will recommend it to my family and friends……Thanks for your help”

Anonymous, St. Gertraudi, Age 48:

"When I read about this product in the “Tiroler Tageszeitung” newspaper, I bought it quickly. I'm starting soon with the 2nd pack. I already feel better, but I have already had the pain for more than 1 ½ years ... I am very glad that this product exists and  I will treat myself with several packs until hopefully to the day the pain is gone. "

Female Customer, Innsbruck, Age 43:

"I have been taking a capsule 2 times daily for the past 6 weeks and I'm getting really better. Especially in the morning after getting up I have significantly less pain. Within 6 months had two herniated discs in the lumbar region. The vertebene capsules are a good alternative for me to pain medication. "

Anonymous, Hagenberg, Age 46:

"The use of Vertebene was very satisfactory. In March 2010, I had an intervertebral disc surgery. I was in severe pain. I am taking Vertebene capsules for 1 month now, my wife saw the information on the TV channel ORF. "

Female Customer, Muthmannsdorf, Age 64:

"I'm really pleased with the capsules. I am taking the second pack now and have them recommended to others as well. I had a 4x disc herniation. Of course I have also a physiotherapist, but despite everything, I think, the capsules have helped me more. Thank you. "

Ms. W., St. Veit, Age unknown:

"Thanks for the capsules. I must say they are really worth what they promise. My mom had back problems all her life and it has become much better now. It is therefore highly recommended to take Vertebene."

Male Customer, Wolfsberg, Age 64:

"Having had severe disc problems in March, I've decided to take Vertebene disc capsules ... .. and lo and behold they worked beautifully. I am now pain-free up to 95%. So I'll continue, hoping that things will only get better. The exercises are good as well. "

Anonymous, Vienna, Age 68:

"After taking Vertebene and gymnastics I felt a colossal improvement. Thank God and thank Vertebene ! (After two herniated discs.) "


Male Customer, Wiener Neustadt, Age 65:

"For 20 years I have had back pain. Six months ago I got very strong pain in the loin area. According to the X-ray images, I have a Spondylolisthesis (slipped vertebra). The pain was unbearable. Even infusions and physical treatments have not helped. Through a newspaper advertisement I discovered Vertebene: I must say THANK YOU! For 3 months I am pain free now. ... I say thank you again, it’s a pity that not many patients know about this product, please make a lot of advertising! "



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