What are vertebene® disc capsules?

Vertebene® disc capsules are a unique combination of high-quality natural ingredients which are specially designed to build-up and maintain your spinal discs and vertebral column (spine).

Are there any side effects to be expected when using vertebene® disc capsules?

Due to the unique profile of ingredients in vertebene® disc capsules, which contain enhancing substances produced naturally in your body, side effects can be highly excluded.

Can diabetics take vertebene® disc capsules?

Yes, vertebene® disc capsules can be taken by diabetics.

Besides cartilage enhancing ingredients, are there any critical additives in vertebene® disc capsules?

No. vertebene® disc capsules are free of additives like sugar, starch, lactose, gluten, iodine, milk & milk derivatives, yeast, preservatives, artificial colours and fillers.

Are vertebene® disc capsules tested for performance enhancing substances?

Yes, vertebene® disc capsules are frequently tested by certified laboratories in Austria and Germany. Therefore prohibited performance enhancing substances can be excluded in vertebene® disc capsules.

Can vertebene® disc capsules replace a balanced and healthy diet?

No, vertebene® disc capsules are a nutritional supplement designed to support the spinal discs and the vertebral column with necessary nutrients. Nutritional supplements are not replacing a balanced and varied diet.

Where can I purchase vertebene® disc capsules?

Vertebene® disc capsules are available in pharmacies in Austria or Germany at the moment. In case vertebene® disc capsules are not available they can be ordered within a few days through your pharmacy. You can also order it through our online shop.

How many capsules are in vertebene® disc capsules?

There are 60 capsules per package.

What is the recommended daily dosage of the vertebene® disc capsules?

2-3 capsules daily (2x1 oder 3x1) during or after your meal with plenty of liquid (0,25 litre).

What is the vertebene® vitality programme?

The vertebene® vitality programme consists of the 2 to 3 times daily intake of vertebene® disc capsules and a specially designed exercise programme.  We have chosen 6 easy strengthening exercises, that should be followed in the proposed order as seen on the exercise video.  These exercises have proven to strengthen your brace and back and will increase the flexibility of your vertebral column or spine.  It only takes 5 minutes daily of your time.  After 30 days of daily exercise you will notice the difference in your back!

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Further questions?


You have additional questions about vertebene®? Our vertebene® team of experts will gladly answer them for you!


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